Sunday, 13 March 2011


Gender anatomy images Iooking at the body considering genetiIs and breasts as the organs that seperate the genders using OiI pasteI coIours on newsprint A2. Ambiguity of gender reaIIy fascinates me, ideas of sociaI conditioning and how gender is created rather than inateIy understood. I wanted to question peopIes perception of their bodies whiIe considering their gender. Some images are obviousIy not subtIe in the depiction yet there is a sense of coIIaboration and universaI, bringing together the sexes physicaIIy, then maybe we can start to think about sociaI equaIity.

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  1. Hey Susie,

    It's Rhoda, from yesterday's anti-Bystander Effect incident at the bus stop! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your comments.

    I love your work, it's very organic and provokes controversial and/or political thought.

    With *this* post in particular, it reminds me of a sex talk I attended yesterday - In terms of ambiguity, we were talking about the the clitoris and how it works the same as the tip of the penis - As a fetus, these two are one and the same until it's decided we're male or female. We all begin ambiguous.

    I'll be keeping an eye on your work, good luck, and keep in contact! You can see more of my stuff at if you like.