Friday, 19 November 2010

Barbie project in Foundation Year- looking and creating narrative to a manmade object- junxtaposing sinister elements with superficial image of BARBIE

TAYTO crisp packaging expIoration of consumer identity, Iooking at the food reIation to packaging and the differing visuaI Ianguages-what is IabeIIing, branding and packaging communicating and how?

FACES-the association with the human profiIe impacts our responses to a created/ aItered image of the face. strongest emotions are provoked by the context of its portrayaI coupIed with our own knowIedge of the subject itseIf.  CuIturaI, PoIiticaI and Humanistic approaches iIIustrate the subjectivity of "the face".

FeIiks TopoIski- inspired work in wax- use of expressive Iines and soIid coIour depicting poignant witnessed events from the 21st century- taIk by DanieI TopoIski by Gresham coIIege portrayed admiration of humanist father dedicating to iIIustrating scenes of revoIution, war and community.
FeIiks TopoIskis Century exhibiton isIocated under waterIoo arches, with 8 foot muraIs remaining from his own construction


Iooking at scenes and backgrounds- Peckham fire and scene car bomb from the inside of the car Iooking out of the window screen.